Expect to Fail

But do your damnedest to succeed!

Some would say that is a defeatist attitude.  I say it’s being realistic. In life no matter what you do or who you are there will be failures, many of them. Whether it’s a personal relationship or a business venture, at some point things will not go the way you want them.

Failures come in all sizes; maybe you failed to lose ten pounds, maybe you failed a test, perhaps that relationship you wanted to work, didn’t.  That promotion you thought was a given, went to someone else, or your idea for “building a better mouse trap” left your house infested with rats.  You may have failed to achieve your goal, but you don’t give up.

Success comes with how you handle your failures, how you apply what you’ve learned to future relationships or endeavors. Success comes with being able to say “Damn that didn’t work” and then strategizing ways to make it work. Sometimes success comes with the realization that the dream you had was unattainable. So you stop wasting time, energy, and resources and focus on what IS attainable.

Remember success is different for everybody. Just getting out of bed for some is viewed as a successful day while others see success only in monetary terms. Whatever your definition of success, just know that the price for achieving it — may be failing first.